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Welcome to Muon Tech, where over a decade of expertise meets unwavering commitment to excellence. As pioneers in Public Health, Salesforce consulting, and AI innovation, we've empowered organizations in over 25 countries to transform and thrive. Whether it's revolutionizing healthcare delivery, optimizing customer relationships, or leading the charge in AI innovation, we're your strategic ally in navigating the complexities of technology and business. Join us on a transformative journey and explore how our tailored solutions can align with your aspirations. Your success story starts here.

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Areas of expertise

Public Health Solutions

Innovative programs for healthcare delivery

Wellness initiatives and community health projects

Salesforce Optimization

Tailored solutions for efficient customer relationship management, Salesforce automation and optimization strategies

Artificial Intelligence

Streamlining financial operations

Risk management and compliance solutions


Muon Tech offers expert consulting services designed to transform healthcare delivery systems worldwide. We partner with organizations to develop and implement innovative strategies that promote wellness, enhance community health projects, and drive sustainable change. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to improving global health outcomes through strategic planning and effective program management. Discover how our comprehensive informatics solutions can revolutionize your public health initiatives.

Health Information Systems Development

Tailoring health information systems like EHRs and laboratory systems to support efficient healthcare delivery and patient management.

Public Health Application Development

Creating specialized applications for disease tracking, health promotion, and robust data analysis, including mobile and web-based tools.

Data Integration and Interoperability

Integrating diverse data sources and ensuring system interoperability for smooth information exchange among public health agencies and healthcare providers.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Building advanced tools for analyzing and visualizing public health data to empower professionals with insightful dashboards and data mining applications.

Public Health Informatics Standards

Leading the development and implementation of informatics standards for consistent and effective public health information exchange.

Security and Privacy

Focusing on the development of secure and privacy-preserving solutions, addressing data security, access controls, and regulatory compliance.


Optimize your customer relationship management with our Salesforce consulting services. Our team specializes in customizing Salesforce environments to improve efficiency, enhance user experience, and maximize the return on your CRM investment. From automation strategies to optimization techniques, we provide the insights and support you need to leverage Salesforce's full potential, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital landscape. Let's elevate your Salesforce experience.

Salesforce Consulting

Delivering strategic solutions and insights with our team of Salesforce-certified consultants to address business challenges and propel growth.

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Enhancing efficiency with comprehensive Salesforce solutions including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and specialized apps.

Salesforce Customization

Providing intricate logic implementations, extensive automation, and personalized solutions for your unique business needs.

Custom App Development

Offering tailored Salesforce application development to ensure solutions are perfectly aligned with your business requirements.

Hire a Salesforce Professional

Supplying dedicated Salesforce experts, including developers and consultants, focused solely on your project.


Supporting a seamless transition to Salesforce Lightning with expert guidance for a revolutionary upgrade to your operations.


Embrace the transformative power of artificial intelligence with Muon Tech’s consulting services. We guide organizations through the integration and application of AI to streamline financial operations, enhance risk management, and ensure compliance. Our consultants are at the forefront of AI technology, offering strategies that drive innovation, reduce operational costs, and create competitive advantages. Ready to harness the power of AI?

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

Specializing in deep learning models and neural networks for tasks like image recognition and natural language understanding.

AI Solutions with Machine Learning

Developing customized AI solutions with machine learning to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

Predictive Analysis

Creating predictive models to forecast business trends and optimize resources, using machine learning for maintenance and planning.

Data Governance and Quality

Ensuring data integrity, quality, and security through comprehensive governance strategies and robust data policies.

AI Strategy and Consulting

Providing strategic guidance for effective adoption and implementation of AI technologies in your operations.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Implementing RPA to automate routine tasks, increasing efficiency and accuracy, and freeing your workforce for complex activities.


How We Innovate and Deliver

Innovative Approach

At Muon Tech, innovation drives our work. We pioneer inventive solutions across sectors, consistently pushing boundaries for positive change and progress.

Collaborative Solutions

We thrive on collaboration. Our multidisciplinary teams work seamlessly across sectors, bringing diverse expertise to craft tailored solutions that transform industries.

Client Success Centered

Dedicated to your success, we go beyond delivering projects on time. We ensure your goals are not just met but exceeded, working tirelessly to make your vision a reality.

We want to help with modern solutions in Public Health, Salesforce, and Artificial Intelligence.